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Beauty from Behind

Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide talks to Mr Shailesh Vadoderia to find out why the fashion focus has shifted from boobs to burn and hove you can possess the perfect posterior

Over the centuries, society‘s idea of a 'desirable' body shape tor women has changed along with fashions in clothing. In the 18th century. Women really had to worry about little more than their Cleavage. as the prevailing style of dress was floor length and cut in an empire line, to cover a multitude of sins.

Tightly laced corsets helped women achieve the waspish waists that were an vogue in Victorian times, whilst full, floor length skirts kept less than perfect pins under wraps.

However, in the 20th century fashions started to become less accommodating – the flapper dresses of the 1920s may have skimmed over any unwanted bulges on the torso, but hem lines were higher, meaning a knobbly knee or a cankle would no longer go unnoticed.

Fast forward to today and it’s not difficult to see why we’re all obsessed with the body beautiful.

Tops are tight fitting and low cut. skirts barely brush the backs oi the thighs and skinny jeans hang from the hips to reveal a bare midriff.

Thankfully however recent advances in cosmetic surgical techniques mean we are now able to give nature a bit of a helping hand. to ensure we look as svelte as possible in our unforgiving attire.

Consultant plastic Surgeon Mr Shailesh Vadodaria explains the link between fashions in Clothing and in aesthetic surgery: “if you think back fifty years. the most popular procedure was cosmetic surgery of the face, because that was really the main part of the body that could be seen and assessed by others.

“Then when women started to wear more revealing tops. breast surgery became popular – and it’s still the number one procedure across the globe. But recently there has been a craze for beach holidays in exotic countries – places like Brazil. where the trend is to wear thong bikinis. leaving very little to the imagination.”

As a result I think I have seen in my practice a noticeable increase in women seeking to achieve ‘beauty from behind’. There is a huge amount of interest in the buttock area – shaping, lifting, augmenting or reducing the size of buttocks.”

“I am also seeing mom and more patients who are requesting procedures to carve their waistline and create more definition above the hip area to remove the folds of fat that form below the horizontal strap of the bra, or to remove what I call the ‘banana roll’ – those banana-shaped rolls of far that form below the buttocks.”

So what can we do to create a shapelier silhouette?

Mr Vadodaria, an expert in body contouring, thinks the answer is simple. ‘A woman’s body is not made up of flat surfaces joined together. The most beautiful female body is a matter of dynamic changes between convexity and concavity – that is what makes a woman’s body curvy and sexy.’

But it is the relationship between the concave and convex areas that is so important. ‘The desirable body has an hourglass shape, with concavity at the waistline, convexity at the hips and then the thighs sloping to concavity again.’ Mr Vadodaria explains.

‘Where a woman has big love handles. there will be convexity at the waist and the hips and buttocks. which were convex, will Start to look concave. And where saddle bags are forming, the Outer thighs will become convex. I call this ‘reverse hourglass deformity’ and to address it we need to carve the waistline and sculpt the thighs. re-creating that hourglass shape.’

Interestingly. it seems that many women who come in requesting buttock augmentation actually don’t need anything doing to their buttocks at all: ‘If you have a beautiful house. But the gardens surrounding it are scruffy. that will compromise the overall appearance of the house.

‘It is the same with buttocks – often they are surrounded by saddle bags on the outer aspect of the thigh. a large amount of fat deposition on the upper inner aspect of the thigh. on the flank and on the lower part of the abdomen. Which will cause the buttocks to lock flat. Giving an unsightly ‘pseudo square’ appearance.

‘In my practice. I always look at the garden first, so I would carve the waistline. take off any unwanted fat from the thighs and the abdomen and sculpt the thighs with appropriate techniques.

‘And 90 per cent of women are then pretty delighted with the shape of their buttocks because suddenly. without doing anything directly to the outlooks. They have become more prominent, rounded and beautiful.’

If you’re keen to achieve an hourglass figure. but are unsure where your problem truly lies. Mr vadodaria even offers a ‘morphing’ service. whereby he will take a photograph of you in consultation, then morph it in front of you to create the silhouette you are looking for. He can then draw a plan on your body based on that process and execute it in the operating theatre. in a process he describes as ‘real time sculpture’.

So while the cereal may have fallen from grace in the fashion stakes. it is still possible to achieve the curvaceous contours of a Victorian lady – courtesy of the surgeon’s knife.


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