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Cost of gynecomastia surgery

MACS fee guideline for Gynecomastia procedure:
Procedures/Conditions Hospital Stay Anaes Type Prices From (£)
Gynecomastia only Liposuction  Day Case GA 3,900
Gynecomastia only Liposuction  Day Case  LA 2,000
Gynecomastia with Liposuction + Open Excision  Overnight Stay  GA 4,500
Nipple Reduction – one side  Day Case  LA £500 - £1000
Nipple Reduction – both sides  Day Case  LA £1499 - £1500

GA = General anesthetic, LA = Local anesthetic, PAL = Power Assisted Liposuction

Price may vary based on type of anaesthetics, location of the clinic or hospital, the complexity of the procedure and the associated co-morbidities.

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