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*Since I can remember I’ve had a big chest almost breast like, I never felt comfortable. I lost a lot of weight over the years but they never reduced in size they just became more saggy.

It was time for action so I started researching and came across Mr Vadodaria’s website and reviews which were very impressive. I also viewed a couple of other clinics, who I found to be unprofessional and not as experienced so I decided to go ahead with Mr Vadodaria.

My time with Mr Vadodaria was so reassuring and positive. All my questions and concerns were answered before even asking. His welcoming, warm and experienced approach makes you feel confident in his hands. I walked out of that clinic feeling uplifted and excited. I was closer to a new me.

Mr Vadodaria and his team are always at hand for when you need them, they keep in constant contact via email and phone making the experience far more positive. You have to remember you are risking your life this is a huge decision and Mr Vadodaria’s experience and credentials made me feel at ease.

I felt very comfortable in hospital before and after my operation, they really look after you and cater to all your needs

I would definitely recommend Mr Vadodaria.

*I am writing to thank you for my chest reduction, I have always had a large chest from a very young age, it give me back pains, then five years ago I had a major car crash in which I had bad head injuries and I badly damaged my left ribs, I have suffered bad pain since then and I felt that my life has been on a full stop. My chest was too big and this made the pain unbearable and it made my breathing bad. I was glad that I was considered for the operation on medical grounds. My chest now is a lot better and it does not lean on my ribs now, my breathing is better and I am starting to get on now with my life again, I just can’t put down in words how much you have changed my life.

*I am a 16 year old, who suffered from a severe case of Gynecomastia. I have now received my operation to remove my “man boobs” and the difference is astounding. Before the operation I was a self-conscious boy, who would not take off his shirt in a changing room. I would not go swimming or participate in certain sports. I also was bullied from the age of about 12-13 years old about my “boob”, which I couldn’t help having. It was not as if I had eaten too much and become over weight I was a healthy individual who had enjoyed sports beforehand. Before my operation I was overwhelmed that I was finally getting it after years of waiting. Although there was a minor hiccup before the operation I was eventually taken in. After the operation I was pretty drowsy and couldn’t really think much about the difference but after a good night sleep, I started getting out of bed and with the help of the nurses started walking and was walking on my own a few hours later.

The difference was astounding right away even though there was slight swelling the difference was huge, I knew right away it had been the right thing to do. I spent 3 days in hospital in absolutely no discomfort and relaxation, ok I was woken at 2 a.m. but that was to receive antibiotics. Now the drains!!! No don’t worry they are painless and you hardly feel them. Getting them removed is a strange sensation but not one of pain. So guys if you think you have Gynecomastia or you have it, go for the operation it’s life changing! I would like to thank Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria who was the best surgeon I could have asked for.

*Well it’s a year since my full body lift that you carried out on myself, and this card is just to say a very big Thank You for changing my life as I have a lot more confidence and I am a lot more outgoing in my life. And then in January you carried out two other operations on myself – my inner thighs and my chest, which are all healed really well.

I am so sorry for missing you as the times that the appointment came out I was unable to come to see you. I really did want to see you so you could have seen your lovely work that you did as well.

Once again I really want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

*Here I am sitting in my bed recovering after my bilateral gynecomastia surgery performed two days ago. Funnily enough I never saw myself ending up on a cosmetic surgery table but frankly, I couldn’t have been any happier with every part of my procedure. From the first consultation over facetime, to post op the care I received (and am still receiving), not only from Mr Vadodaria but also all his staff in the clinic were incredibly warming, honest and professional.

The procedure took approximately 2hrs in which Mr Vadodaria removed two large pieces of glandular tissue located under my nipples. My Vadodaria and his assistants were constantly checking in with me, keeping me reassured as updated throughout. I was also listening to an audiobook during the surgery which allowed me to tune out so the time flew by. Without waffling on too much, if you are unsure or nervous and are suffering with gynecomastia then don’t hesitate to contact Mr Vadodaria.

*My experience with Dr. Vadodaria was brilliant and I could not be happier with my results. I had gynecomastia and I have wanted it corrected for over 8 years now. I was told I did not have a problem in a prior consultation which left me feeling helpless. Luckily, I decided to try again and came across Dr. Vadodaria over the internet. Within 2 weeks, I had a consultation and arranged a surgery, as I needed it done quickly before I moved abroad. I would happily recommend Dr. Vadodaria to anybody looking for a similar surgery.

*I chose to go to Mr Vadodaria for nipple reduction surgery. A previous surgeon treated the right side a few years prior (as I had problems with a blocked duct), but the final result was puffy looking in appearance. I decided to do something about it and my initial consultation with Dr Vadodaria was done via skype as I was out of the country. Suffice to say, when I was in the UK the surgery was performed at the Watford clinic and a comfortable environment allayed my nerves heading in for the procedure. In fact your choice of music can be played during surgery to help make the experience more comfortable. I am glad I chose to go to Mr Vadodaria, he respected my desired outcome from the surgery in light of an unsatisfactory outcome previously and proceeded to carry out the surgery which now two months later looks to be more successful than the previous attempt.

*I am really very pleased with how the surgery went, look like a new person and feel like one! From start to beginning, the support was fantastic. The leads up appointments were informative and incredibly useful and on the day off the procedure, everything was very well organised and all went to plan. Follow up appointments have been great and recovering very quickly! It really couldn’t have turned out any better.

*Mr Vadodaria explained the procedure to myself and the family in a lot of depth, and this was incredibly helpful as he highlighted the possible risks and discussed what the outcome would look like. Mr Vadodaria is very kind and definitely the right person to take you on the journey and an extremely talented surgeon. Very easy to contact and always gets back to me very quickly and is able to assist me whenever need be.

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